Sending thanks and gratitude your way for the additional 5 units you gifted me, my last visit. It’s always a pleasurable experience when I visit LaserSpa. You and your entire staff make each client feel unique and special. That is truly a gift to all that utilize your services!

Thank you so much Dr. Amidon! I love the outcome from my lip and Botox procedure! I am so happy, you made it subtle just like you said you would.

I really like talking with you, I think you are a very kind person and a good mom. Good luck with everything and I will see you for more in the future!


I have always been curious with anti-aging products and procedures. When my Aesthetician/Laser Technician mentioned Ultherapy to me I was intrigued but apprehensive as I heard the treatment was uncomfortable.

I made an appointment for a consultation at LaserSpa@610 to discuss the Ultherapy treatment for my lower face and full face.

My Aesthetician/Laser Technician, Claudia, was extremely knowledgeable and provided me with detailed information about this procedure, which encouraged me to schedule an appointment.

I had my first Ultherapy at age 47. Claudia took pre-treatment photo’s so we could compare my results at my post follow up appointments. The treatment went quite smoothly, uncomfortable at times but very tolerable. Claudia encouraged me to breathe slowly and relax, provided me with a stress reduction device and played soothing music to help me feel relaxed and distracted.

I was able to return to work the same day. I did not experience any bruising, but did have some localized soreness to the treatment areas, and minimal swelling. At my post three month follow up I noticed a considerable improvement with a lifting of my Jowl and an overall tightening of my entire face. My results continued to improve during the next 3-6 months.

I am extremely satisfied with my Ultherapy treatment I received from LaserSpa@610. The staff are very professional, very experienced and make you feel very comfortable. I have them to thank for looking fabulous at 50!!!


I was in for an appointment and I just was so overly pleased with my experience. I can’t begin to thank you for such a wonderful place!! I have been to a handful of other offices and none of my experiences have compared to Laserspa. It was a very calm and relaxing environment and Dr. Amidon was such a sweetheart. She really took her time with me and made me feel very comfortable and relaxed. Dr. Amidon seemed truly genuine and interested in me and what I was looking for. She even took the time to get to know some things about myself. A+++ for that! In our day and age where it’s common for computers and phones to do most communicating, it was nice to feel that connectedness with her!! Thank you again and I will be passing along your information to all that I know. I look forward to coming back again! Christy

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